"What do we wear?"  is the most common question I receive after clients select their location.  What you will wear is totally up to you.  Wear something that you are comfortable in and is flattering to your body type.  Here are some tips and tricks that may be visually pleasing:

For family sessions, pick out a 3-4 color scheme.  Make sure everyone is wearing at least 1 color from the scheme.  Wear layers and textures.  Add accessories- headbands, bows, vests, jean jackets, blazers, ties, or boots to complete your look.  Dress weather appropriate.  Be sure to check the forecast and dress accordingly.  You do not want to be too hot or too cold.  

Choose colors that represent your season.  

  • Pastels, or neutral tones for Spring.  Wear dresses, leggings, blouses, jean jackers, sandals or rain boots.  
  • Bright solid colors, or cool blue tones for Summer.  Wear sundresses, rompers, shorts, tees, tanks, polos, flip flops, or loafers.
  • Warm tones for Fall.  Wear jeans, boots, cardigans, sweaters, or blazers.
  • Rich, dark colors for Winter with a pop of color.  Wear hats, scarves, or vests. Flannel patterns always look great.  

A few don'ts:

  • Don't have everyone wear all black or all white.
  • Don't wear large logos.  Your eye will go right to the logo.  
  • Don't have everyone wear large patterns.  A few mixed patterns looks great.  Too many patterns will clash.
  • Don't wear something too trendy.