Devine Reith Photography | FAQ


Here are some frequently asked questions clients ask me before a session.  I hope this will help answer any questions or concerns you may have.  You can always message or call me!  I want your session to be stress free, relaxed, and most importantly- fun!  

I am interested in scheduling a session.  How do I book with you?

Yay!  Let's get started!  Email is the best way to contact me.  Please leave me your name, email address and what package you are interested in.  I will email you back a questionnaire to fill out.  This will give me a better idea of the images you are looking for and if I'm the right photographer for you.  We will communicate from there.  

What do we wear?

Something that will express who you are and most importantly something that you will feel comfortable in.  Patterns and bright bold colors look great.  Neutral colors always look classic.  For Family sessions, it's good to have a similar color on everyone.  I strongly suggest not to wear all white or all black.  Click on the links below to view more examples.

The image at the end of this article is great!

What if my child doesn't behave? 

I would find it odd if your child doesn't fuss during a session.  It's hard to stay still, smile in front of a compete stranger and make happiness look natural.  I will try to get them into a pose or spot where I would like to photograph- but if they want to go somewhere else, I will follow them.  This is the fun part!  I love the challenge of capturing their personalities and candid’s.  So it is best if the child is the boss (just for this session).  When they are happy and comfortable, it will show in the photos.  Book your session when your child is happiest.  This tends to be in the morning right after they wake up and are fed.  Or, after their morning/afternoon nap.  Also, bring some drinks, snacks, and possibly their favorite toy.  I have stickers and bubbles with me at every session.  

The forecast predicts RAIN.  Can we reschedule?

Absolutely!  I will make time for you so you can have your session outdoors in nice weather.  Overcast is great for sessions as well. We won't have to seek shade due to harsh sunspots.

What is your availability?

I work full time as a product photographer Mon-Fri 8:30am-5pm.  I schedule sessions on most Saturday and Sundays.  I will edit your images during the week at night.  

When is the best time to have our session?

Lighting is best an hour and a half after sunrise and also (my favorite) an hour and half before sun set.  This is referred to the "golden hour."  However, with little ones they are usually best to photograph after they are fed and well rested.  This is usually in the morning or after their afternoon nap.  That's fine!  Remember- the child is the boss.  I can work around whatever time frame is best for you.  I've learned how to photograph in different types of lighting.

Do you travel outside of Rhode Island?

Yes!  I will travel up to an hour’s distance to meet you at your location.  I will charge an extra $30 for distances more than an hour.

Are prints or digital files included in the session fee?

No.  Digital files are a separate investment.  Please see the Investment page for more info.  

I love Black and White photos.  Can I order Black and White versions?

I include Black and White versions of your favorite edited images.

How will I receive my digital images?

I will email you a link and password to view your edited images.  Once you decide if you are purchasing the gallery or individual images, I will send another link and unlock the download option.  You will be able to download the edited images right from the site.  

Can you add the unedited images or RAW files to my link?

Unfortunately, I do not give out my unedited photos.  

What size are the images?

High res images are 11x16 300 dpi jpeg file.  

When can I expect to see my edited gallery?

Anywhere from 7-14 days.  October-December expect up to three weeks.  

Can I post my images from our session to Facebook?  

Of course!  I include lower res images with my watermark for online sharing.  This will inform your friends and family that I am the photographer.  Share to Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, etc.

When are payments due?  

Session fee is due at the time of booking.  Individual edited images/to purchase your entire edited gallery will be due before I unlock the download option.  This will typically be around 7-10 days after your session.   

Do you offer prints?  

I do not offer prints.  I sign a Photo Release so you can print wherever you like.  I recommend a few professional labs in your email.