Our Family Session 2021 | Bird Park | East Walpole, MA | Photos by: Ali Rosa Photography

December 30, 2021  •  2 Comments

Devine Reith Photography Family Portrait

My daughter Ellie has been asking for months to have a “family day”.  With that in mind, for Christmas Ricky and I decided to give our family an experience gift.  The four of us finally got to spend some quality time together for a few days and I’m so glad we did.  Our girls sure put everything into perspective.  

Ellie’s almost 5 years old.  I want to freeze her right now, I love this age.  Her imagination is running wild.  She has learned what fear is but will she’ll still try new things even though it scares her.  I admire that so much.  She loves to sing her little heart out.  She is creative and wants to learn. She is sensitive and loving.  She wants to see everyone around her happy.   She is the best big sister to Frannie and their relationship is the absolute cutest right now.  

Our Fran Fran is 19 months old.  She is something!  We like to say, “She’s a whole mood.”  Her facial expressions are the best.  She’s so outgoing, she knows no fear.  She is so funny and sweet.  She hasn’t started testing her boundaries too much just yet.  She loves shoes.  The girl can’t get enough of trying on everyone’s shoes.  She loves sharks, dinosaurs, and basically anything that roars.  She’s constantly copying what Ellie does and just wants to be with her 24/7.  Frannie has a great role model to look up too. 

Ricky is the best partner there is.  Hands down.  I know I’ve said it before, but the man doesn’t complain.  He is flexible with my constant changing schedule.  He asks everyday what needs to be done for our girls and our home.  He tells me to keep going and to do whatever I need to do to get my tasks done.  He asks what he can do to help.  He also tells me he misses me.  I always dreamt what I thought my “dream” partner would be.  He totally exceeds that.  He is all in, 100% of the time.  He puts us first and makes our days brighter with his humor and easy going demeanor.  

These three humans are my world.  I find myself stopping from time to time and taking it all in.  I really can’t get over how blessed I am.  As with all families, our moments aren’t always butterflies and rainbows.  But they’re our moments that we created together.  Moments like Frannie crying in the middle of the night, and Ricky will be the one to calm her down so she’ll go back to sleep.  Moments like Frannie and Ellie waiting by the window chanting, “Daddy, Daddy, Daddy” as they know Ricky will be home any minute.  Moments like hearing their silly giggles when they are over tired.  These little moments are our moments.  As for myself, I’m constantly learning.  I’m trying to practice patience, communication, prioritizing, and relaxing.  We get to create, learn, and grow together as a family.  It truly is the greatest gift.  

We got all dressed up for our family pictures to celebrate this past year.  Thank you to my amazing and talented friend Ali Rosa for capturing us.  You captured our real smiles, nose scrunches, big laughs, and even Frannie smiled!  Haha.  Thank you always to Taylor Masse for glamming me up.  It was nice for a change to be on the other side of the lens.  I have to practice this every year so I remember what it’s like to feel like as the client.  It may seem like a lot of work to initially to figure out a location, what to wear, what time, what to bring etc.  But send those worries, doubts, and questions to your photographer.  They should have the answers.  They know best.  Trust the process.  Because in the end, you’ll have images that will last a lifetime.  It brings me to tears knowing that Ellie and Frannie will be able to show their family our pictures someday.  Our legacy!  It’s so important to capture these moments now.

From my family to yours, I wish you all a Happy and Healthy New Year.  Soak in the meaningful moments.  Be grateful for what you have.  Spend time with your family.  And most importantly… get in the pictures!  xoxo

All photos captured by:  Ali Rosa Photography

Hair and Make up by:  Taylor Masse, Wildflower Salon


Kathy Hunt(non-registered)
Beautiful pictures she definitely captured those special moments
Jane M Barchiesi(non-registered)
Beautiful!! Every pic is perfect! One day maybe for our 50th Wedding Anniversary!!!
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