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I met Mya at the beautiful and historical Kinney Azalea Gardens located in Kingston, Rhode Island.  During the month of May the lush azalea garden is bursting with bright, bold, and beautiful colors.  This garden is a perfect backdrop for portrait sessions.  I was super excited to find out Mya is a dancer.  She wanted to incorporate her craft, which I absolutely encourage.  Mya is a natural in front of the camera.  I had a blast walking around the garden with her and getting to know her.  She's so beautiful - inside and out.  Her confidence and the way she carries herself is so refreshing to see from a young lady.  Keep up the great work.  You are going to have a fabulous Senior year!  Thank you for having me take your Senior portrait, it was an honor.  Have a great summer and keep dancing.  

Makeup done by:  Bella Rose Beauty

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Renee's Maternity Session I've known Renee for several years, and I couldn't be happier for her and Ryan. This mama-to-be is gorgeous and glowing. We had a blast at their maternity session located at River Bend Farm in Uxbridge. There are so many beautiful backdrops and spots for photos. I loved catching up, walking around, and laughing with them. They are the cutest couple. I wish them and their families congratulations. Best wishes for a smooth delivery and a healthy beautiful baby on the way. The fun is about to begin! They are going to be the best parents. Thank you for having me.

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Michael's Senior Session

I met Michael at The Monastery in Cumberland, RI for his Senior portrait.  The Monastery is a great spot and has lots of nooks and crannies for fantastic photos.  We had a great time walking around and taking pictures.  We incorporated his interests such as skateboarding and his car into his photos.  I always like to incorporate Senior's interests if they'd like to.  I always try to create a special session for Seniors, so that they'll remember this time in their life.  Thank you so much for having me Michael and for your super sweet video testimonial.  Good luck to you in the future!  

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Lucy's 2nd Birthday This little love is 2! Lucy is Ellie & Frannie's buddy and we couldn't be happier to have such amazing friends to grow up with.  I took some photos of Lucy at her home.  We started indoors for a few fun jumping on the bed photos, and then headed outdoors to run around and play.  Big props to her mama for coming up with this idea.  I love indoor and outdoor at home sessions.  Taking photos of children in their element is the best.  I love capturing these milestones for my friends.  It's going to be great when they are older, and we'll look back and remember these moments.  Happy Birthday beautiful girl.  We love ya and can't wait to hang out again real soon.  


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TJC Family Session

I just adore this beautiful family. We met through one of my future brides and I'm so thankful for this referral. I love their laid back personalities and warm energy. I loved capturing the details from this session such as the meaningful looks they gave to one another, moments of laughter and happiness, little nose scrunches, and watching the boats pass by. I'm also obsessed with her dress! Despite having to put their wedding on hold, you wouldn't even know from interacting with them. They are keeping a positive outlook and enjoying each moment. Whenever their wedding will be, I can't wait to capture it. I just know their day will be super special because they have each other. Here are some of my favorites from their family session...



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Kaitlyn's Senior Session

It's exciting for me when I get to share common interests with my clients.  Kaitlyn is a WHS student and DCI dancer, just as I was.  I met Kaitlyn  at Colt State park in Bristol for her Senior session.  We had an amazing evening.  She literally crushed her session.  Here are a few of my favorite images...  especially the ballet poses on the dock.  I totally wished I would have gotten Senior pictures done like this.  I'm so glad I was able to do this for Kaitlyn.  Congratulations on your upcoming Senior year and last year at DCI.  Enjoy every minute.  You will look back and cherish these moments, for these are the happiest of times.  Good luck girl!  

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Avery and Madison's First Communion

I had the honor of capturing Avery and Madison's First Communion portrait.  I met them at the Blithewold Mansion in Bristol.  The mansion's grounds are unbelievable and truly magical.  The garden's fresh flowers smelled so beautiful.  There were so many spots to choose from.  The girls had a blast giggling their way through the property.  I'm glad we got to celebrate and capture this milestone in a special way, which they will cherish forever.


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The "D" Family

Thanks to my amazing SIL, she referred me to the beautiful "D" family.  I met them at Bonnet Shores for some family photos by the beach.  It wasn't a super sunny day, but we made magic happen in the drizzling overcast.  I loved capturing their happy moments, the tiny tantrums that lasted only seconds, and everything in between.  As a mom of two littles myself, I know I want to capture everything because they grow so quickly.  I know this family will remember how their daughter carried a book for comfort.  They will remember their son crying on the cold sand, but once he was picked up my his mom, he was all smiles.  They will remember playing in the water and having a great evening.  This is what it's all about.  Thank you for having me "D" family.  I had a blast with you all!  

And... probably the best picture of the session.  Love this little guy.  It's like he's saying, "It wan't me!"  Thank you so much for having me "D" family.  <3

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Jamie and James Wedding Day

Reminiscing about two of my dear friends and their wedding day.  Maybe it's because I miss my friends.  Maybe it's because I miss being apart of weddings. Either way, I couldn't think of a better wedding to blog than Jamie and James.  Their wedding ceremony and reception took place at AMC Noble View in Russell, MA.  It was a hot, sunny, summer day.  The view was incredible.  I loved all the DIY and rustic touches.  All of our close friends and their families were there to celebrate this amazing couple.  We all had a blast.  Even some of their families and friends camped out at the site or stayed in the cottages after the festivities were over.  How neat is that?!  Here are a few of my favorites from their day.  I miss everyone!  This was such a fun and memorable day.  Happy two year anniversary coming up cuties.


Photographer  |  Katie Pearson, Devine Reith Photography

Ceremony & Venue  |  AMC Noble View, Russell MA

DJ  |  Richard Pearson

Hair  |  Kelsey Dubuc, La La Luxe Salon

(Devine Reith Photography) AMC noble view Devine Reith Photography DIY Massachusetts wedding photographer New England Wedding Photographer Rhode Island Wedding Photographer Russell MA wedding Rustic Thu, 23 Apr 2020 19:21:59 GMT
A day in the life of Ellie

A day in the life of Ellie

I haven’t photographed a documentary session in a long time. In college, I photographed my niece and nephew over the course of 2 years. I would go over to their house and capture them in their element. No props or backgrounds. No photoshopping stray hairs out of their face. Just capturing two siblings interacting and playing in their home. I looked for light, shadows, composition, color, and mood. What I actually found was something that would change the course of my career path. I fell in love with photography. Not only did I get to spend quality time with my niece and nephew, I had the opportunity to bond with them on a deeper level. I was right by their side. They let me in their world with no walls up. I witnessed and captured their imaginations and raw emotion. The experience was powerful and moving for me.

Fast forward to 2019 and the majority of my sessions are taken outdoors, because nature and people inspire me. It took me a long time to figure out what style I loved, what sessions I like to capture, and who my ideal client was. The work I created is colorful, high contrast, with a mix of lifestyle and formals. That’s when everything fell in place and clicked. 

Today, with the devastating affects of COVID-19, I decided not to work until the virus is cleared. Social interaction is the prime purpose of my work and it’s heartbreaking to have this taken away. I long to capture milestones for families, meeting new clients who become friends, connecting with children to capture a perfect moment for their family, helping a bride to calm her nerves before she walks down the aisle, or seeing a new mom holding her baby for the first time.  I know I’m not the only one who misses their job, paychecks, or social interaction. I know the hero’s are the ones working in the medical field, police officers, firefighters, security guards, grocery store clerks, warehouse workers, restaurants, sanitation, and many more. I chose to take a step back in order to stay safe while pregnant. For myself and for my family. Many do not have this option. I’m thankful for what people do in order to keep everyone safe. 

I looked to my daughter for inspiration. I thought back to college and the series I photographed of my niece and nephew. I dug deep to remember why I fell in love with photography in the first place. With all this time spent at home, I knew it was a good time to experiment and document Ellie. I really don’t have a lot of pictures of her playing in her element. When your hobby becomes your job, sometimes you forget you need to do it for yourself and your family. This is a perfect time to start. So, yesterday I kept my camera with me by my side all day. We went on with our day as usual.  You’ll see a day in the life of Ellie. The happy, funny, silly, sassy, upset, angry, meltdowns, and everything we go through on a daily basis. It made me realize how good she is. How funny and sassy she really is. I felt guilty for longing to capture other people’s memories when my own inspiration was standing right before me. I’m soaking in these moments spent at home, even though it can be difficult. My niece and nephew are adults now. I miss those days playing with them. Now I have the amazing opportunity to document a life that me and Ricky created. It’s inspiring, emotional, and difficult, but rewarding all at the same time. 

I want to remember playing the cupcake game at least three times a day. Playing hide and seek at least twice a day. Watching Coco melon, Blippi, and Alex & Gaby. Baking muffins and cookies. Barbies, pretend games with animals, and play make-up. Dressing up like Rapunzel and Anna. Trying to clean, laundry, and take a quick shower while Ellie plays people. Ricky cooking for us while we snuggle. How Ellie and Ricky’s relationship is totally different than ours. How Ellie will jump on Ricky knowing he will start a tickle fight. How she resists dinner every night and there is always a meltdown, even though I turn her food into a smiley face. How she needs to jump around, color, or play a game after her bath. Her favorite nighttime snacks are goldfish, popcorn, or cheeze-it’s. Ricky takes her to brush her teeth. We all go upstairs for a bed time story. Ellie will read to us. Ellie and Ricky head-but. I sing her a song and tuck her in. We’ll start all over again tomorrow. I want to remember all of this because it’s flying by. I know our routine is about to change with Frannie on the way. When the virus clears, I’ll go back to balancing working a crazy schedule, two small children, a home and a husband. So for now, I’ll try to capture these everyday moments and soak it in. These moments are fleeting. I want to remember it all. I hope this inspires you to take advantage of this time with your loved ones. What will you want to remember? 

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Lori and Bill's Wedding Day

Lori and Bill's intimate wedding ceremony and reception was located at the gorgeous Ocean House in Westerly, Rhode Island.  It was an absolutely perfect day.  Perfect weather, location, family, friends, all came together for Lori and Bill.  There is something so special about intimate weddings that I absolutely love.  There isn't much of a rush.  Everyone is so laid back and relaxed.  I get to spend quality time with the bride, groom, and their families.  It's an honor to capture this special milestone no matter how big or small a couple's day is.  Here are just a few of my favorites from Lori and Bill's special day...  

(Devine Reith Photography) devine reith photography New England Wedding Photographer ocean house Rhode Island Rhode Island Wedding Photographer wedding photographer Westerly Fri, 20 Mar 2020 17:53:47 GMT
Renai and Justin's Wedding Day

Renai and Justin's Wedding Day was filled with laughter, love, family, friends, and awkward hand shakes.  You'll see what I mean.  Regardless if they think they are not photogenic, I see something completely different.  They are the cutest and sweetest couple.  I love their story of how they met in grad school and have the same passion for teaching.  They both are hard working and family orientated.  Their love, creativity, and thoughtfulness is inspiring.  

Justin was Ricky's roommate for serval years, and we went to school together.  Justin was in our wedding party as well.  Safe to say we know Justin pretty well.  Ricky and I were both thrilled when we found out about Renai and Justin's engagement.  Witnessing and capturing one of our good friend's milestones is always such an honor.  They bring so much happiness to those around them and they are great friends.  We couldn't be happier for them.  

I started photographing their wedding at their home where Renai was getting ready.  Renai looked so beautiful.  Her smile and laugh is contagious.
She has a great eye for unique details.  Justin and Renai's love for classic board games was a theme throughout their wedding.  This is such a great ideas because it's something interactive for guests.  Their ceremony took place at Holy Ghost Parish followed by their beautiful reception at The Villa.  Their closest friends and family were in attendance.  It was so nice to see friends from High School that I haven't seen in a long time.  It was also nice to meet their families, who I fell in love with.  One of my favorite pictures I took was of Justin's grandmother dancing with her great grandson.  It's always my goal to capture family interactions and moments as well as the fun and sincere moments of the bride and groom.  

Here are a few of my favorites from Renai and Justin's special day.  It was a pleasure to capture their special day and to meet the amazing families who are the support system of this amazing couple.  

Thank you Renai and Justin for having me!  


Photographer  |  Katie Pearson, Devine Reith Photography

2nd Photographer  |  Jillian Ratcliffe

Ceremony  |  Holy Ghost Parish

Venue  |  The Villa at Ridder Country Club

Day of Coordinator  |  Elizabeth Coleman

DJ  |  Richard Pearson

Florist  |  Costco

Dessert  |  Just Desserts Bakery and Cafe

Bridal Gown  |  David's Bridal

Groom Tux  |  Men's Warehouse 

Hair & Make-up  |  Special Event Beauty

(Devine Reith Photography) Devine Reith Photography East Bridgewater Massachusetts wedding photographer New England photographer Rhode Island wedding photographer The Villa Thu, 05 Mar 2020 20:18:42 GMT
Kara and Ray's Wedding Day Kara and Ray's wedding venue took place at the beautiful and historical Aldrich Mansion.  The mansion is located in Warwick, Rhode Island overlooking Narragansett Bay.  The intricate details of the mansion's interior and exterior are exquisite.  The grounds are gorgeous and I was so glad we had fantastic weather.  Kara and Ray had their intimate ceremony offsite on a private residence.  It was absolutely perfect.  Small and intimate weddings are some of my favorite events to capture.  You really get to know the family members and friends.  I always find a way to capture some great emotions and reactions.  I loved Kara and Ray's first dance, which took place outside on the patio.  Guests surrounded them which was so lovely.  Speeches were to follow, which made me tear up.  Guests enjoyed their meals, followed by the best part... a dessert room.  The smell was outstanding.  Rows and rows of delicious cakes filled the entire room.  After dessert, guests danced the night away in the mansion.  Kara, Ray, and I snuck out for a few night shots too, which was the best.  There are so many options for photo opportunities at the mansion.  It was an honor to be apart of their special day.  Thank you to Kara, Ray, and their families for having me.  Best wishes to you.  Cheers!  


Photographer  |  Katie Pearson, Devine Reith Photography

Venue |  Aldrich Mansion, Warwick, RI

Ceremony  |  Private Residence 

DJ  |  Chris Saraiva

(Devine Reith Photography) Aldrich Mansion Bride and Groom Devine Reith Photography New England wedding photographer Rhode Island Wedding Photographer Wedding Sat, 15 Feb 2020 22:23:43 GMT
Madison's Senior Session I was so excited when Madison picked the Stadium Theatre Performing Arts as her Senior session location.  Madison is very active in theatre and is super talented. She can sing, dance, and act her heart out.  I love when seniors personalize their sessions to match their interests. This makes for some amazing images.  I've known Madison since she was a baby, so this session was a little emotional for me. Can't believe this was her senior session. She is so beautiful, inside and out.  Love her personality and spirit. I can't wait to see where she goes.  Thank you for having me Madison!

(Devine Reith Photography) devine reith photography new england photographer rhode island photographer ri senior photographer senior girl theatre photo session theatre photography Tue, 11 Feb 2020 23:40:47 GMT
Rachel and Jim's Wedding Day Rachel and Jim were referred to me through an amazing mutual friend.  I remember chatting with Rachel on the phone before their family portrait session and I knew I liked her immediately.  She has a contagious smile, out going personality, and positive energy.  Rachel, Jim, and Mac are so much fun to capture.  Their humor is the best and they have a laid back vibe, which makes sessions easier.  I was thrilled when they asked me to capture their special day.  

Rachel and Jim's Wedding Day was an event I'll never forget.  The day started with Rachel getting ready at her home.  Rachel's mom, sisters, and daughter Mac helped her get ready.  Rachel looked so beautiful.  I loved that she wore her hair down, along with a sparkly headpiece.  I loved the pops of royal blue along with the cool blue tones in her bouquet.  Rachel and Jim's guests all coordinated by wearing navy blue, black, and grey.  I still obsess over Rachel's shoes and cape because they are both so unique and gorgeous.  

We proceeded to Pawtucket City Hall where Rachel and Jim had their intimate ceremony.  Their closest family and friends were in attendance.  You can see the crazy awesome love they have for each other.  Their own vows were beautiful, emotional, and meaningful.  Although, as much as I loved their vows and the lovely looks they gave each other; my favorite part was when their daughter cried when Rachel and Jim kissed.  As a parent of a toddler, I couldn't help but laugh.  It was such a cute moment.  

We had time before heading to the reception for formals.  Rachel and Jim picked Slater Mill for their picture spot, and I couldn't of been more happy with the results.  Jim is a history teacher, so this setting was more than a perfect fit for them.  The architecture, history, cobblestone, and brick textures had so many options for great images.  We had a lot of creative fun with blue smoke to incorporate with their color theme.  We had a blast!    

At CAV, their intimate reception was eclectic, artsy, fun, and classy.  Rachel and Jim's friends and family welcomed me with open arms.  I left the reception feeling overjoyed and my heart was full.  Everyone made me feel like I was part of their family.  I love spending the day with a group of people who start off as strangers and by the end of day, become friends.  It is an amazing feeling and something I always cherish and never take for granted.  This feeling is so rewarding and worth everything.  

Please enjoy some highlights of their gorgeous day.  Thank you again Rachel and Jim for having me and making me feel so welcomed.  


Photographer  |  Katie Pearson, Devine Reith Photography

Ceremony  |  Pawtucket City Hall

Venue |  CAV, Providence, RI

Florist  |  Gilmore Flowers 

(Devine Reith Photography) CAV devine reith photography New England photographer Pawtucket Rhode Island rhode island photographer Wedding wedding photographer Fri, 31 Jan 2020 01:39:33 GMT
Julie-Ann and Don's New Journey Celebration

I met Julie-Ann for our initial meeting and realized we had two mutual referrals- our own sisters.  Just goes to show you how small our lovely state of Rhode Island really is.  We are both super close to our sisters, so having that common ground from the start was an amazing feeling.  Julie-Ann and I chatted for a while during our meeting.  Our get together suddenly felt like we were friends catching up rather than a meeting, which I loved.  I was so happy that Julie-Ann asked me to capture their special day.  Julie-Ann's getting ready location at the Nylo hotel was a perfect setting.  I love the industrial and modern feel to the hotel and abundance of perfect natural light.  We then proceeded to the Chapel Grille in Cranston for their intimate ceremony and reception.

 Julie-Ann and Don's New Journey celebration was an event I'll always remember.  Their intimate ceremony, reception, friends, family, and of course Julie-Ann and Don left a lasting impression on me.  There were so many moments during the evening that moved me.  I had to hold back tears a few times.  I loved their attention to detail, incorporation of meaningful pieces from their love story, and involvement with family members.  Nothing is better than when the stars align and timing is right for two strangers to come together and build a relationship.  They truly are an amazing and loving couple.  I couldn't be more thrilled for them and wish them a lifetime of happiness.  


Photographer  |  Katie Pearson, Devine Reith Photography

Hotel  |  NYLO hotel, Warwick, RI

Ceremony and Venue |  Chapel Grille, Cranston, RI

Day of Coordinator  |  Lorena Llacaj

DJ  |  Jim Harvey 

Videographer  |  Video by Jamie

Florist  |  Le’s Isle Rose, East Greenwich RI 

Dessert  |  Marti cupcakes, Pawtucket R.I.  and Chapel Grille Dessert chef 

Photo Booth  |  Mirror Me Photo Booth RI

Bridal Gown  |  Lucia Aguiar Bride. East Greenwich, RI 

Hair & Make-up  |  Jacqueline Kate

Hair Piece  |  Nancy Rodrigues, Bridal Finery, East Greenwich RI

(Devine Reith Photography) Chapel Grille devine reith photography New England wedding photographer NYLO hotel rhode island wedding photographer wedding photographer Mon, 27 Jan 2020 21:04:59 GMT
Christina & Kyle's Engagement Session I love when couples want to incorporate meaningful pieces of their own story to their photos. Whether it's a specific location or prop, it just adds something special to your images. I'm so glad in this case that the park they chose is where they frequently go running together, and ice-cream was a special incorporation as well. Christina and Kyle had their first date and engagement at a local ice-cream spot, J.P. Licks. I got to indulge in a treat too!  I loved the thought process and planning behind this Engagement session.  

This couple is so adorable. I can't wait to capture their wedding this year. They crushed their engagement session.  We had a blast.  

Thank you SO much for choosing me to be your photographer.  

(Devine Reith Photography) Arnold Arboretum devine reith photography engagement session J.P. Licks New England photographer rhode island photographer wedding photographer Fri, 24 Jan 2020 18:56:33 GMT
Chantal and Corey's Wedding Day

It’s always an honor to photograph a wedding. The task of documenting one of the biggest days of someone’s life, to capture love, and generations of family is truly a privilege. It’s even more rewarding when you’ve known the couple for years and got to experience their love grow over time. During Chantal and Corey's Wedding I cried, I laughed, I cheered, and I’m beyond happy for this fun loving couple.

I’ll never forget meeting Chantal for the first time and thinking how breathtakingly beautiful she is. We connected right away and had many meaningful talks over the years. When I met Corey, I thought he was super cute and funny. He always made me laugh and he is so easy going. Both Chantal and Corey share a common interest of the outdoors, hiking, and travel adventures. They chose Jay Peak Resort as their venue, and they couldn’t of chose better. The scenery, foliage, staff, and accommodations were outstanding. The view on top of the peak is absolutely breathtaking.  I know Ricky and I really needed this getaway. (Thanks to Ellie’s amazing aunties to watch her while we were away.) Ricky and I got to work together and be surrounded by our amazing friends. I’m so glad we got to be apart of the wedding festivities. 

Congratulations again to Corey & Chantal. I can’t thank you enough for having me capture your day. I wish nothing but happiness more amazing travel adventures together. Love you both. Cheers cuties!

Venue |  Jay Peak, Jay VT

Main Photographer  |  Katie Pearson, Devine Reith Photography

DJ & Second Photographer  |  Ricky Pearson, One Dude and a Speaker 

Hair  |  Danielle Robin, Ananda Hair Lounge, RI

Make-up  |  Leah Nash, Bella View Salon, VT

Florist  |  Price Chopper, Derby VT

Cupcakes  |  Jesse's Little Kitchen, Island Pond VT

Invitations  |  Doodle Design, RI 

(Devine Reith Photography) devine reith photography engaged ri jay peak new england photographer rhode island photographer she said yes vermont wedding wedding day wedding photographer wedding photography Thu, 09 Jan 2020 03:18:48 GMT
Hannah's Senior session Congratulations to Miss Hannah for graduating High School!  I can't believe it.  I've known Hannah since she was little.  She would walk over to my mom and dad's house, and then sit with us and have some tea.  She made us laugh so much!  Watching her grow up into a beautiful woman has been amazing to see.  Hannah is very lucky to be surrounded by wonderful families, friends, teachers, and neighbors.  ;)  

I couldn't help but to look back on our session from last year.  We had a blast walking around Camp Ker-Anna and Adam's Farm.  These settings were perfect to fit Hannah's interests and personality.  We got so many great shots!  

I wish you the best of luck next year.  Enjoy your summer girl!  

(Devine Reith Photography) adams farm camp ker-anna cumberland devine reith photography new england photographer rhode island photographer ri senior photographer senior girl senior portrait Wed, 19 Jun 2019 15:41:37 GMT
Ashley & Joe's Wedding Day

I'll never forget how Ashley hugged me right away at our first meeting and Joe's laid back vibe made me so comfortable from the beginning.  

Last year around this time, I was going over timelines and preparing to photograph a gorgeous wedding for an amazing couple.  This wedding was right up my alley- outdoors, colorful, a touch of rustic, fun and laid back guests, clever and hand crafted details, and a beautiful couple.  On Ashely and Joe's 1st Anniversary, I wanted to look back and remember all the moments we captured.  We had amazing weather and all around perfect day.  I couldn't be happier for these two love birds.  They put so much love and effort into their families and friends on a daily basis, they deserved nothing but the best.  This couple is super sweet and so thoughtful.  

Happy 1st Anniversary!  Cheers to many more fun and happy years ahead.


Venue | Chamberlain Farms, Berkley MA

Main Photographer | Katie Pearson, Devine Reith Photography 

Second Photographer | Jillian Ratcliffe

DJ | Jessie Wilkins, Doubletake Production – Artisan Acoustic Studios

Cake and Cookies | Amanda McHugh, Cakes by Amanda

Hair & Make-up | Maddie Sousa, Bridal Beauty by Madelyn Elizabeth

Invitations & Signs | Kathy Niven 

(Devine Reith Photography) bride Chamberlain Farms devine reith photography groom Massachusetts wedding photographer Massachusetts wedding photography New England photographer rhode island photographer rustic wedding wedding photographer Wed, 05 Jun 2019 02:36:17 GMT
The "P" Family Beach Session There is nothing better than a family session on the beach during golden hour.  I love exploring new locations and coming up with fun ways to tell a story.  The "P" family put so much effort into their location choice, outfits, and communicating how they want to be captured.  This family is the sweetest.  I couldn't believe how big the boys got.  Watching their boys growing up is the best part.  They are so handsome, full of life and personality.  I also love sneaking the parents away to take some pics of them together.  I can't wait for more fun sessions like this one!  A mix of candids and formals captured in a colorful, fun, and relaxed way is what I'm passionate about.  I remember laughing, stopping for snacks, and possibly sweating from chasing the boys.  Haha!  I love giving my clients an experience they will never forget, because they always leave a lasting impression on me.  


(Devine Reith Photography) Beach session devine reith photography Moment Narragansett beach New England photographer rhode island photographer Mon, 22 Apr 2019 20:50:14 GMT
Ashley & Joe's Engagement Session Ashley and Joe are one of the sweetest couples I've ever met. They are so thoughtful, they even bought outfits for my daughter Ellie.  The love they have for each other and give to everyone is so heartwarming. I enjoyed every minute of this experience. From the beginning of our initial meeting when Ashley hugged me right way, I knew this was going to be an unforgettable experience.

Ashely and Joe picked Borderland State park as their engagement session location and we had such a beautiful day.  They added in some vintage and rustic touches to add to the theme of their wedding.  Ashley looked so gorgeous and glowing in her lace dress and cowboy boots.  Joe was such a good sport and super easy going.  Their laughter, love, and fun personalities were so easy to capture.  

Photography is definitely more than just taking pictures. Building relationships is the best part. I am so blessed. Thank you again Ashley and Joe! Here are a few of my favorites from their engagement session.

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The "A" Family: Maternity & Newborn Maternity and Newborn sessions are two milestones that you definitely want to have captured. Watching families grow is my favorite part of this process.

The "A" family welcomed me into their beautiful home and I felt at ease right away. They are the sweetest couple, and I love their interaction with each other. They added in some heirloom items to be photographed with, which will definitely be treasured for years to come.  They put so much thought and effort into their sessions and I loved all the details.  I had the honor of photographing their maternity, newborn, and nine month milestones.  

Jeff and Sarah- you are amazing parents!  Your little love is so lucky to have the both of you. Being a parent is a feeling like no other. I'm so glad you captured these moments in time. You will cherish these images forever.  

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The "S" Family I adore this family so much.  I love their personalities, laughter, look, and interaction with one another.  This was our second session together and it just keeps getting better.  I also love how laid back they are.  They are always up for anything.  We laughed, twirled, skipped, and ran through the paths.  It was a beautiful day at the Kinney Azalea Gardens with this amazing family.  I can't wait for spring!  Here are some of my favorites from this session... 

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Alyssa's Senior Session This was a very emotional and exiting session for me. Alyssa is my niece who is a senior. Gah! I can't even believe it. It was 17 years ago, I became an auntie for the first time. I'll never forget it. Alyssa has turned into the most beautiful, sweet, caring, smart, and funny young lady. She has made my life so wonderful. More than she'll ever know. She is a great role model for our daughter and I can't wait to see what great things she will accomplish.  

I knew I wanted to make this session super special for her.  She chose Beavertail park as her location.  On her session day, it was raining all day.  We almost rescheduled, but I had faith the weather would turn around.  I'm so glad we didn't reschedule, because we ended up having a beautiful evening and a killer moody cloud sunset.  We climbed on the rocks and explored the area to get some amazing images.  I may or may not have teared up from time to time while photographing.  

 Alyssa- I love you so much! Enjoy every minute of this year. It's going to be the best! Thank you for being you.
Hair & Make up by:  Taylor Masse.  MADASH Salon

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Lundyn's Senior Session I had the privilege to photograph Lundyn for her Senior portrait.  Lundyn is the sweetest girl and she is so beautiful - inside and out.  She is passionate about softball, so I knew we had to incorporate her love for the sport into her session.  She chose Cold Spring park as her location, because she knew she wanted to have some pictures taken on the field.  I loved all the outfits she picked out.  Especially her romper!  We started off more dressy, then went for a casual look, and finished up with her softball attire.  Lundyn's comfort level changed immediately once she stepped on the field.  Like a silent confidence took over.  I love meeting young adults who are so passionate about their hobbies, sports, and interests.  I always leave sessions like this inspired.  I love senior sessions because there is so much variety and playfulness.  It's nice to focus on one subject and bring out their personality.  Photographing each senior's story and bringing out what makes them unique is so gratifying.  Enjoy some of my favorite images from Lundyn's session. Wishing her the best!

Hair by:  Lee Forcier, Secret Beauty Spa

Make up by:  Alaura Forcier, Secret Beauty Spa

Photography by:  Katie Pearson, Devine Reith Photography 

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Ellie's 1st year How did I get so lucky?  I don’t know what I did to deserve this life, but I’m so very grateful.  At this point in my life, I have to say I’m the happiest I’ve ever been.  It all stems from a series of moments and decisions, lining up perfectly over time.

            I’ve always wanted to be a momma.  I idolized my older sisters who got married and had babies, and I couldn’t wait to have what they had.   I was always in a rush to start a life similar to what my sisters had.  I didn’t realize then that I should have just embraced the moment, and that everything was coming to me eventually.   Patience, time, and having no control for what was going to happen next is very frustrating for this OCD girl.  There were many lessons that had to be learned and I definitely grew from a lot of different experiences.

            Everything changed when I met Ricky.  I never knew you could grow along side someone and push yourself to be the best version of yourself.  I would never have started a photography business.  He pushed me every year to go back out there and do what I love.  Photographing families, babies, kids, seniors, weddings, etc. is more than just taking pictures.  I get to experience a significant moment in a person’s life and freeze that moment in time.  The relationships I gained through photographing families the past few years are amazing.  I am eternally grateful to Ricky for being the best partner and father.  He saved me and showed me what I could achieve in all aspects of my life.  Not to mention, I am still madly in love with my best friend.

            Now we are parents!  I became a momma to Miss Ellie.  What I always wanted, right?  I have to admit, it wasn’t all what I thought it would be.  Being a parent is the most difficult and rewarding role.  But then again, to me it’s so worth it.  All the emotions that come flowing through is some that I have never experienced.  When I look at Ellie I always think to myself, “She will never know this kind of love until she has a child.”  Then, I think of my mum.  How she sacrificed so much.  She watched me everyday and she has so much love for me.  I’m so grateful to have such an amazing support system. 

I too, have so much love for my daughter.  Ellie makes me laugh and cry.  Sometimes at the same time!  I want her to be so happy because the happiness she brings to me, Ricky, our family and friends are more than we could have ever dreamed of.  Ellie is silly, sassy, friendly, loves music, and is so beautiful.  The past year has flown by.  I captured Ellie each month because she was constantly changing, as babies do!  I hope you enjoy seeing Ellie’s first year through my eyes.   I’m cherishing everyday because she is growing up way too fast.  We are truly blessed.

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