Hi there! My name is Katie Pearson and I'm a wife, mom, and on location photographer based in RI.  My purpose is to capture love, relationships, milestones and everyday moments in a colorful, playful and overall meaningful way.  

To be apart of the arts is a passion of mine. From childhood to college, I was involved in dance, theater, and majored in studio art.  My love for photography grew while taking classes in college. I started photographing my niece and nephew as a series and I fell in love with the progression of work that was created.  I was inspired by their raw emotion, colorful play, imagination and interaction. 

(Headshot Photo credit: Amanda Morgan Photography)

My husband Ricky and our two daughters Ellie and Frannie, are the inspiration and driving force behind what I do.  Ricky is an amazing history teacher and DJ.  Ricky supports me fully and proposed the idea to start my own business.  You may see him from time to time working with me on sessions or during weddings.  He is handsome, funny, and fantastic with kids.  We are blessed to have two beautiful daughters who keep us on our toes and we're soaking up every moment. 

When Ricky and I are not busy with teaching or photography, we love to spend time with family and friends.  For date nights, we like to go on food adventures, craft beer tastings, attend concerts, play video games, and binge watch TV shows.  

This is our family... (Photo Credit:  Ali Rosa Photography)

So, who is Devine Reith?  Devine Reith is named after two very important people.  They have educated, encouraged, believed, and supported me with compassion.  My work is dedicated to my wonderful parents. Thank you to my mum and dad for all that they do and continue to do.  Thank you to my nieces and nephews for always inspiring me and pushing me to do better.  A special thank you to my mum who always encouraged me to, "Go outside and play."

(Photo credit: Jon Packer Photography)
My goal is to tell your story, portray unique personalities, and experience real moments.  My favorite part of this process is connecting with people.  I'd be happy to meet you and your family and share this memorable experience together.